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Darpa XM-3 Replica EFR Mounts

  • $ 32500

The Darpa XM-3 rifle was a platform developed in the early 2000s to improve upon the legacy M40 rifle used by the Marine Corps.  The project was eventually scrapped with the original guns becoming available to the public through the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program). They are now highly sought-after collector items.

Enthusiasts wanting to build clones quickly discover that sourcing the elusive EFR mount is near impossible, as only 52 were ever made.  

The LRI version is a near-perfect copy of the original.  Our piece was modeled from an original artifact mount supplied by the former manager of the Remington Custom Shop.  It is 100% CNC machined from bar-stock aluminum and fitted with the appropriate hardware.   It is finished in T III black hard coat anodize.






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