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GROUP BUY: Remington M700 and Tikka T3 Bolt Fluting/tactical knob service

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Beginning in 2010 LRI began an ambitious venture by offering machine shop services to customize the Remington M700.  The LRI Bolt Fluting and Tac Knob Group Buy on Sniper's Hide is the longest running Group Buy in the history of the site.  Six years and counting. . .

The launch of our new online store in 2016 takes this service to a new level with the introduction of a paperless format.  With this listing you can fully customize your bolt right from the comfort of your home. 

We thank you for your participation and are committed to exceed your expectations.


LRI M700 and Tikka T3 Bolt Fluting/Tac Knob Group Buy Details:

You are WELCOME to include your own knob. Our only stipulation is that it must have the 5/16-24 thread pitch (female thread).

Our "tac knob" installation process is a little different than most others.  We don't a machine the knob portion of a factory M700 bolt into the threads. Factory handles are cast and often riddled with inclusions. These flaws elevate the risk of failure.  What we do is machine grade 8 set screws so that a portion will thread into your bolt handle.  It's a simple setup that is both strong and cosmetically clean.


You must include your invoice with your bolt!

Certain M700 bolt handles differ from what is commonly seen today. One particular kind of bolt handle doesn't work well when installing an aftermarket bolt knob using our process. The reason is the knob necks down to a narrow "bottle neck" before transitioning back to the bolt body. There's very little material to drill/thread. As a result, if you have one of these style handles, WE CANNOT/WON'T install one of our knobs. Your welcome to send it for fluting, but we are unable to attach a knob to it as we feel it'll just break at some point down the road. We can install a more current style handle on the bolt, but this requires sending the whole gun so that we can time it to the action properly.

How it all works:

It's very simple, you fill out the form on this page and check out. Ship your bolt along with your order confirmation/invoice. A USPS small/medium priority mail box works really well.

LRI's Address:

LongRifles, Inc.

ATTN: Group Buy

3570 Mayer Ave

Sturgis, SD 57785


We receive it, do the work, and send it back to you. You will get an email with tracking information at the conclusion of the job.

It's that simple!