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The Tikka actions and rifles speak for themselves when it comes to quality and we have listened.   LRI began this project in the fall of 2019 and we are finally able to offer an industry-first:  Aftermarket direct replacement bolts for the Tikka actions!

The case study on headspace interchangeability was the first problem to solve.  Fortunately, we discovered that Tikka does an excellent job at this already.  In our tests, we found that HS with factory guns never changed more than .001".  That is a very impressive result considering this is a production platform.   What this means for shooters is that you can buy with confidence.

Our bolts are made from the same grade of SS that Tikka uses.  We had production bolts analyzed and we chose to use the same material because it works extremely well.  As good as it is, we sought to make some subtle improvements.   Stress analysis proved that the dovetail handle geometry creates a stress concentration.  To mitigate the risk of failure we chose to temper this feature and wire EDM corner fillets to create a virtual corner (dog bone) to distribute the loads more effectively.

 We chose to replicate the factory fire-control assembly.  Our bolts have strikers, springs, and cocking pieces made by us, but they are 100% interchangeable with OEM parts!  Tear down and assembly is identical to OEM pieces.

Changes to the original design made by LRI:

1.  Cocking piece.  We are not fans of plastics on rifles.  Our bolt shrouds are billet machined steel.

2.  Extractors:  We chose to use the proven M16 design because it uses a pin for retention vs the Sako style.

3.  Straight handle geometry:  The idea here is to keep the knob away from the shooter's knuckle during recoil.

4.  Threaded handled:  Bolt knobs are a personal preference and we respect this.  Our handles are threaded to the almost industry standard 5/16-24 thread pitch so that an almost endless number of options are possible.



Our bolts are sold as complete units only.  Currently, they are offered in two configurations for RIGHT-HANDED shooters only:  .473" and .532" (for Std Magnum).  

These two diameters cover cartridges like the 22-250R, .243W, all Creedmoors, 308W, 30-06, etc...

Magnum bolt face is for 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 PRC, etc...


LRI replacement Tikka bolts are non-refundable



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