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LRI MERCHANDISE:  LRI "Carbon Fiber" Vinyl Decals

LRI MERCHANDISE: LRI "Carbon Fiber" Vinyl Decals

  • $ 495

Made from premium 3.5mil cast film 3M 1080 automotive grade vinyl, these decals have a 5 year outdoor service life!   These are not cheap bumper stickers.  This material is so good that it comes with a warranty! *   3 years on a vertical surface and 1 year on a horizontal one!

This particular grade of vinyl is unique because it has a texture emulating the look and feel of true "pre preg" carbon twill weave cloth.  It is not merely printed onto the vinyl.  It's actually built "into it".

Decals are made completely in house and "weeded" by hand.  

* Warranty only applies on surfaces such as a truck window or other surface not subject to abrasion or wear and tear. (Gear such as a gun case or rifle stock voids the warranty)

Decals are covered with transfer film.  Simply remove the backing and apply to a clean/dry surface.  Then slowly peel the transfer film off and you're all set!  The material is perforated with microscopic "pores" to help with air bubbles.  If you get one, just blot it with a clean, lint free, cloth and it'll push right down.