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GUNSMITHING SERVICES: Parkerized Finish for Firearms

  • $ 12500

Parkerizing is a chemical finishing process where sterilized carbon steel parts are submerged in a heated tank containing various chemicals.  The iron in the steel reacts with the solution, creating a microscopic crystal like structure that has almost infinite nooks and crannys for oil to cling to.  It's sort of like jeweling, but on steroids!

Zinc Phosphate crystal structure at 1.5kx magnafication:


LRI has climate controlled tanks to deliver a predictable finish that is both visually pleasing and durable.  So long as the end user is diligent with maintenance and frequent application of oil, its shown to provide a reliable and long and trouble free service life.   Over time high shear load areas will begin to wear and show the substrate.  This is normal and expected.  No coating lasts forever unfortunately.



This is a service.  You must send us your parts.  Parkerizing is only effective on carbon steel and cast iron.   Stainless steel will not react with the chemicals in a predictable manner. 

Some grades of stainless (heat treatable types) do contain a percentage of carbon steel.  These will often produce a very light grey finish, however we do not suggest it as an alternative because it is not durable and will not wear well at all.



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