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  • $ 2,50000

The ELEMENT rifle stock from LRI is the single greatest evolutionary leap in how a rifle stock is made. We are extremely proud to have been part of this project since its conception in 2004.  

Shown below is the proof of concept artifact made over five years ago to test and evaluate the Compressive Showline receiver inlet.  This is not a product that was hurried to market.  A very methodical vetting procedure was implemented to ensure you receive only the best.   

This has been a "Pass or Fail" effort from day one.

The mission behind ELEMENT is simple: 

Offer the most technologically advanced, lightest, and "assembly ready" rifle stock ever offered in the history of bolt action firearms.

ELEMENT does this on all fronts by exploiting the potential of modern carbon composites and state of the art manufacturing techniques.  So advanced that its been awarded two US Patents. 

This rifle stock is made using precision machined tools and cured at 250*F in a highly controlled environment using a "co-cure" process.  What this means is all the individual components are assembled and bonded in a single operation.  The avoidance of parting seams offers a giant leap in structural integrity and tolerance to extreme temperature.

This type of manufacturing was once the sole domain of aerospace and the highest levels of motorsports.  LRI is proud to be able to introduce to the precision firearms industry as well.


The specifications of ELEMENT:

  • 100% 3K2X2 Carbon Fiber construction
  • Co-cured at 250*F
  • Billet 7075 T651 AL hardware used throughout
  • Stock all up weight: 2.0 lbs. (.8kg)  (Including all AL hardware)
  • Stock alone weight of only .9lbs (no hardware)
  • Patented "Compressive Showline" receiver register
  • Inlets for American Rifle Company short length Mausingfield and Remington M700* short length actions*


*Must use recoil lug no thicker than .3125" with OEM profile

*More receiver inlet patterns to follow as the empirical data is acquired.

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