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Use the coupon "CYBER" during checkout.

This special offer is a superset of a number of our most popular products and services.

By ordering during cyber week you will receive 30% off on a fluted K&P cut rifled barrel. This deal is only good during cyber week so your hesitation will be your devastation -- order today. Discount applies only to a K&P barrel with fluting and a threaded muzzle.

We also recommend you take advantage of our Reciever Blueprinting and Cerakote services when hanging a new barrel.

You must enter the coupon "CYBER" during checkout.

What is included (please review these links):


Barrel fitting is a very detail-oriented process.  Please read all of the pages linked above to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what you will be purchasing.

Barrel machine work will be completed to order, in the order received. You can expect your barrel to leave LRI within 4-6 weeks from the date of your order. This timeline assumes we have your action in hand within 1 week of your order, for non-pre-fit barrels. Expect slightly longer lead times if you add additional services.

Every barreled action or rifle fitted by LRI is test fired prior to leaving our facility.  That 1st round is then cataloged and archived.  This is for mutual benefit and it is a standard quality control policy here at LRI.



*K&P Barrels*
K&P Barrel Company will build a barrel in your choice of twist rate, profile, etc. Common twist rates and contours are kept in stock, options that are out of stock will add 1-2 weeks to delivery time. Available K&P Contours: Sporter, Straight and Match, Palma


Please note: LRI DOES NOT ship barreled actions in a box.  We carry affordable Plano gun cases. This is how we ship all rifles/barreled actions.

The price of the case is $30.00 This cost is included in the shipping, which is why it seems so high ($78)

The intent here is to get your stuff to you in one piece. This is non-negotiable.

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