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The visual impact a well finished rifle has cannot be underscored.  Regardless of exceptional a gun may shoot, the first introduction to a rifle is visual.  

Clean finishing with attention to details empowers a shooter to do better.  When combined with sterling down range accuracy, it resonates and transforms a gun into a part of you.

These are the emotions we strive to provoke with our rifle stock finishes.

LRI's paint work is instantly recognizable because of its unique appearance.  We go one further by completely tearing down to the gun's base components.  Just like one would expect/demand that a show car be finished in the door jambs, truck, and undercarriage, the same here on your rifle. 

Finishes can range from ultra conservative to as wild as your imagination dares.  We don't judge...   Camouflage patterns are by far the most popular but if your a square range competitive target shooter, our automotive type paint work is also first class.  We color sand and buff these finishes to emulate what one would expect of a well fitted muscle car.

All LRI camo pattern stencils are created in house.  Over a decade of experience has gone into this effort.  From very humble beginnings we've since acquired state of the art software and equipment to be able to replicate almost any camo pattern ever created.  We never film dip.  All of our finish work is hand applied and coated/painted using oven cure Cerakote from NIC Industries and/or automotive type paints from companies like PPG, House of Color, etc... 

Our finishing department features a computer controlled oven with a huge work envelope, custom built to deliver even temperature dispersion. The paint booth is sterile and saturated with visible spectrum light to ensure even product application.  The paint spraying equipment we rely on is the finest made today and routinely sent in for inspection and service.

Our services are not limited to paint.  We are also very comfortable with wood and are conscious of the respect it deserves.  Automotive clear coats belong on cars.  LRI only finishes high grade wood stocks with traditional hand rubbed oil finishes.  The depth and luster wood brings to the table demands it.



The volume of photos we possess of finished rifles starts as far back as 2001.  While we do have this library on our store to illustrate the work, we encourage anyone pursuing this service to visit the LongRifles, Inc. Facebook page and spend some time in the library there.  We have done a great many variations over the years so chances are good we may catch your eye.







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