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GUNSMITHING SERVICES:  M700 and M70 Bolt Fluting

GUNSMITHING SERVICES: M700 and M70 Bolt Fluting

  • $ 6500

In 2010 LRI launched a Group Buy that ushered in a new chapter in how this work gets performed.  In one month we fluted over 600 bolts!

Since that time we've fluted literally thousands of bolts for the M700 and M7.

Service is performed using a 4 axis cnc mill so that we can offer the very popular helical patterns as well.

What is bolt fluting and why do it?

Bolt fluting is a cosmetic upgrade.  About like a fresh set of nice alloy wheels on a car. The long standing debate about its ability to "scub" the raceways of foreign material is one that LRI doesn't involve itself with. Bolt fluting does offer some degree of weight reduction, although the gains are probably best described as trivial.

We have never seen any evidence that it creates a liability to the strength or durability of the M700 action.

We treat it as a cosmetic alteration to add a little personality to your rifle. Nothing more.


This is a service we offer.  You must send LRI your bolt in order to have this done.  Simply select the pattern type you want, pay for the service as you normally would a product, print the receipt, and include it with your bolt when you mail it in.  We'll perform the work in a few days, and mail it right back to you. Cerakote, polishing, glass bead blast, parkerizing, and our popular Tactical Bolt Knob upgrade is also available.  Just include the services you'd like us to do in your shopping cart.

We've done thousands of these so your in good hands.


This service is limited to PUSH FEED actions only.  If your Winchester action has a non rotating, Mauser style claw extractor, it cannot be fluted.  This is because of the fixed, blade style ejector.  It will not run over the flutes without binding the bolt during cycling.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Some push feed actions use a fixed, blade style ejector as well.  These actions are also disqualified from fluting for the same reason.  If your bolt face has a slot machined into it, LRI strongly advises that not have your bolt fluted.

Delivery:   Please allow 2-6 days for rotation through the shop


We offer four distinct patterns available with 2 different cutter geometries.

Pattern "A" and Pattern "B":

Pattern "A" is a faceted shape resembling the splines on a car's axle or PTO shaft on a tractor.  It has an industrial appearance that is very popular.  The pair of 45* flanks leave a clean, but edge free finish where the flute meets the outer circumference of the bolt body.  Doing so means no razor like edges to tear up hands and fingers.

Pattern "B" is the more conventional radial profile typical on most fluted barrels.  With a straight flute, this cutter style often leaves a razor edge, however with the spiral pattern sharp are avoided.

The difference between the two patterns is purely cosmetic.  One does not "work better" than the other so the choice is purely personal.

LRI offers bolt fluting in 4 patterns:

  • "High Helix"
  • "Standard Helix"
  • "Straight"
  • "Interrupted"

UPDATE: 3.28.2016:

LRI has added "wrought Iron" to it's bolt/barrel fluting lineup.

Pattern A High Helix:

Pattern A Standard Helix:

Pattern A Straight:


Pattern B High Helix:



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