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Blueprinted M700 Receiver

  • $ 37500

This is for the purchase of a bare blueprinted Remington 700 RECEIVER ONLY, pair with your choice of bolt for a complete action.

The receiver will be blueprinted using our exclusive TRUE LIVE  5-axis CNC machining capability.  5-axis blueprinting is an industry first that we are very proud of. 

Challenges solved with our process:


  • Single stroke diamond honed to deliver a straight/round ID bore
  • Honing delivers a superior internal bore surface finish
  • Honing sizes the bore for proper clearance/function
  • Honing creates a qualified reference feature for later machining ops

Receiver being ID honed

True live 5 Axis CNC receiver blueprinting:

  • Wireless, intuitive electronic probing eliminates errors from bushings and mandrels
  • Automated setup eliminates the risk of human error
  • Reduction in tool library eliminates tolerance stacking
  • Consolidated machining operations improves dimensioning accuracy
  • Exceptional Parallelism between bolt and receiver lug surfaces
  • Use of a "Higbee" lead thread to eliminate the risk of a torn or galled thread start
  • Zero part distortion from work holding
  • Taper free receiver ring threads with use of thread milling tool paths
  • Standardization of threads via certified gauging
  • Misaligned optic base holes eliminated 
  • Superior surface finish from solid work holding and aerospace quality machining and tooling

Receiver in blueprinting fixture


The end result of our blueprinting process is a receiver with accuracy potential, features, and a level of precision that was once the exclusive domain of a custom action.

Remington M700 Tier 1 Blueprinting Standard Features:

  • Single Stroke Diamond Honed ID receiver bore
  • Higbee thread lead on receiver ring threads
  • Receiver ring ID bored
  • Thread milled receiver ring threads
  • Reconditioned Receiver Lug Abutments
  • Bolt nose resurfaced
  • Bolt face resurfaced
  • Bolt Lugs resurfaced

Optional Features and Services:

  • Striker pin Bushing installation
  • Time and TIG bolt handle
  • Turn Striker Pin to .0625"
  • Std M16 Extractor installation
  • Mini M16 Extractor installation (.223 bolt face only)
  • Dual ejector upgrade 
  • Clip Slotting receiver for M40 style lugged optic base
  • LRI External side bolt release installation
  • Pinned Recoil lug (limited to LRI lugs only)
  • Wide variety of bolt fluting options
  • Jeweled bolt body
  • 8-40 optic base hole enlargement
  • Fluted Bolt shrouds
  • Skeletonized bolt handle
  • Extended internal magazine modification
  • AIAW magazine modification to receiver
  • Filling tang groove on M700 SS actions via TIG welded silicon bronze
  • Tactical bolt knob installation
  • Single and multi colored Cerakote application
  • Parkerize coating application (limited to carbon steel actions only)
  • Glass bead blast finish (limited to stainless actions only)
  • Installation of aftermarket bolt handle
  • Fitting aftermarket bolt to receiver
  • Reconditioning factory recoil lug (ID bored and surface grinding both sides) 

These optional features are available in the Gunsmithing Services section of the site.

5 axis Blueprinting the M700:



This listing is for a serialized rifle action.  Actions purchased online can only be shipped to a current Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). We cannot ship this item directly to you or outside of the United States.  You must locate a dealer in your area and have them send us a current copy of their FFL via email or FAX.   When sending the license they must reference your name and/or order number so that we know what to do with it.  Your action cannot ship until this is done.   States like CA require additional processing so acclimate yourself to your local laws.  Any additional permit or licensing requirement is outside of our control and LRI will not be held responsible in any capacity.

LRI Email:
LRI FAX:  605.206.7820

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